Lonero utilizes Cryptonote’s protocols and our HashBolt masternode consensus, taking security, transaction speeds, and mining profits to a new global standard.

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About LNR

Lonero(LNR) is a newly emerging cryptocurrency that aims to be the future of digital cash. The problem with current privacy coins, alt coins, and emerging cryptocurrencies relies mainly on stability, security, and an unknown future. We aim to fix many of these stability issues, be extremely decentralized, and have technology that actively supports the community.

We are utilizing some of the most advanced technological protocols in order to do so. This includes our consensus protocols that support less barriers amongst ASIC vs. Non-ASIC systems, along with the Cryptonote foundation’s widely trusted ring signature protocols, multiple layers of security, and a utilization of “Proof of Work” and “Proof of Space” mining.

Among the technology we are also integrating a Decentralized Autonomous Organization or DAO, bounty programs, and a mathematical proof that allows further decentralization. We believe that mining rewards shouldn’t merely be limited to hardware specifications but also to total mathematical knowledge, so we provide a fair market game to everyone involved.



We aim to ensure that projects built on top of Lonero are beneficial for the industry and plan on making strategic partnerships for continued sustainability and growth. We will always advocate for privacy, security, and social awareness of topics that effect the industry. This includes: “Supporting a free market”, “Decentralized usage of crypto”, “Avoiding market monopolies”, “Privacy in our digital age”, and sustaining our community.


The components of what makes Lonero unique is split into four different parts: The HashBolt Masternode consensus, the DAO integrations, Cryptonote’s ring signature integration, and multipath layer security.

sinova transactions
Utilizes our HashBolt masternode consensus that allows for mining on ASIC and Non-ASIC systems.
sinova decentralization
Our decentralized technology allows both staking and mining in order to keep the technology ahead of the market.
sinova total supply
Lonero outperforms leading privacy coins by integrating HashBolt, higher block size, segregated witnesses, as well as a lightning network.
sinova fair launch
Prioritizes safe and secure transactions by utilizing Cryptonote’s ring signature protocol and our custom multi-layer encryption.


Road Map