Proof of Computation

HashBolt is a hybrid masternode consensus. Lonero's masternode consensus allow masternodes to receive mined rewards while holding LNR for a certain locked period in order to avoid network congestion. Lonero eventually wants compatibility w/ a Proof of Computation mining proof, that is in an experimental phase. We want to build the masternode system in a way that is accessible towards many, and can create a network of scale.

BItcoin Efficient

Large entities worth billions upon billions of dollars are building data centers filled with ASIC rigs. Most computers can't efficiently mine BTC, and you have high energy costs. Outside of energy costs, Bitcoin isn't as efficient as it could be. You have slow speeds, many invalidated blocks, and the network extremely vulnerable to centralized mining. This is where we introduce a hard fork known as Bitcoin Efficient. Bitcoin Efficient aims to allow everybody on board without disenfranchising ASIC miners. This aims to be much more energy efficient, decentralized, and take adaptability to a whole new level. It will be based off of "Proof of Computation" over just Hashcash.